Welcoming Shopify to the Kickstarter Resources Page

Let's welcome Shopify to the Kickstarter resources page!

If you haven’t visited our Resources page, you should. It’s a list of creator tested and approved companies that specialize in everything from vinyl pressing and t-shirt printing to creating shipping labels and offering tax and legal guidance. Today, we’re happy to share that Shopify has been added to this list as another resource that makes […]

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50 Ideas for Sending Great Project Updates

Let's dive into these 50 ideas for sending great project updates!

It’s pretty much a given that a successful Kickstarter campaign includes a great project description, outreach plan and a solid community of backers. Of equal importance are the updates that creators send their backers. Project updates don’t just appear on each project page, they’re also delivered directly to backers’ inboxes, and can be a powerful tool for engaging backers […]

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