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About this fundraiser:

Our league is a non-profit organization and is 100% supported by registration fees (which we try to keep as low as possible) and fundraising. The Hit-a-Thon is our biggest fundraiser of the season.

Please help us continue to bring the valuable childhood experience of Little League baseball to our youth.

Your donation is an essential element. The kids appreciate your support!

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Equipment ($5000 a season in just baseballs)
  • Facility Improvements
  • Scholarships
  • Uniforms
  • A million other things essential to the operation.
  • Field Cameras - game streaming to Snack Shack and the Web!

All participants:

Goal: $50,000

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Top Donations

Che Corlett
Beth O'Shaughnessy

Have fun and crush it girl!

Beth O'Shaughnessy

Have fun and crush it #4!!

Andreas Marden

Crush it Mase!

Che Corlett