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About this fundraiser:

Halfway Little Leagues Hit-A-Thon will be held on May 21, 2017 at 1pm. Please plan to attend. This is a super fun event that also helps us raise money for the league. Every participant who raises $35 or more will receive a water bottle. The child who raises the most will receive a prize (tbd). The winners from each divisions (tee-ball, rookie, minor baseball, major baseball, minor softball, major softball) will also receive prizes (tbd).

How the Hit-A-Thon works: Each HLL player is asking family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor him or her at this year’s Hit-A-Thon. Sponsors will pledge a specified amount per foot for their player’s best hit. A flat donation is also acceptable. Each
player will hit the ball at least 10 times to show off their skills and do their part in raising funds to ensure the continued success of HLL. The longest hit* will be measured and recorded on each player’s pledge form to be collected from the sponsors by May 28.

Funds raised from the HLL Hit-A-Thon will go towards safety equipment, field maintenance and much needed improvements in the HLL complex.

More details to come...

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Cost of running the league and improvements to the complex.

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Goal: $8,000

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Timothy E Rhodes

Hit her far....

Lori A Rhodes

Hit it to the fence!

Stephanie Angle

Have fun! Hit the ball!!

Timothy Palmer

Drive through the ball kid. Love you

Chad r lawyer

Go jackhammer!!!