Welcoming Shopify to the Kickstarter Resources Page

Let's welcome Shopify to the Kickstarter resources page!

If you haven’t visited our Resources page, you should. It’s a list of creator tested and approved companies that specialize in everything from vinyl pressing and t-shirt printing to creating shipping labels and offering tax and legal guidance.

Today, we’re happy to share that Shopify has been added to this list as another resource that makes sharing your creative work easier. They’re offering Kickstarter creators a 45-day free trial; use this link to claim yours now.

We are excited to work with Shopify because when paired with themes and add-ons, it’s a service that can help you get a head start on your promotional efforts and can also be used as an e-commerce tool once your project is funded. Here’s how.

Using Shopify Before You Launch

It is important to have an online presence and a database of people interested in your idea before you launch on Kickstarter. You can use Shopify’s responsive themes to build a landing page to promote your campaign or share news about a new product. Creating a landing page before you launch on Kickstarter will allow you to:

  • Share news about your upcoming project
  • Collect contact information from people interested in what you’re making
  • Direct visitors to wherever you’d like to send them (your project preview, your Facebook page, etc.)
  • Get a head start on tracking and testing where your fans and followers are most likely to see your message
Use your Shopify landing page to get people excited about your campaign before you launch
Use your Shopify landing page to get people excited about your campaign before you launch

Using Shopify While Your Project is Live

Once you launch on Kickstarter, you can update your Shopify landing page to direct people to your campaign. Here’s how you can take advantage of Shopify while your campaign is live:

  • Start with a free Jumpstart theme, which is easy to set-up, and has tools for sharing information about your project and your campaign’s progress
  • Include images of what you’re making, press quotes, and a prominent button that links to your Kickstarter campaign
  • Once you launch, email everyone who signed up for updates and invite them to take part in your project