About our company

Our Mission…

To help you raise more money while simplifying your life. Schools, sports teams, and other groups use 99Pledges to manage their walk-a-thons, hit-a-thons, and other "thons" to more than double their results while virtually eliminating the related administrative burden.

Our History…

We began building 99Pledges in the Winter of 2011 with the intent of helping groups leverage the web instead of traditional paper-based methods to raise money. Our founders, Brad and Vinay, are passionate about fundraising and both have over 15 years of experience at technology start-ups, including Facebook and SonicWALL.

We are growing fast…

We are self-funded, profitable, and slowly taking over the fundraising world. Our in-house support staff sits on the front lines, helping customers make the most of their fundraisers. Our marketing and user-experience designers are constantly innovating, collaborating, and fixing things. Behind the scenes, we've got talented engineers producing an amazing product. We hire thoughtfully, because we're building a team to scale. Want to be a part of it? Send your resume to jobs@99pledges.com.

We are headquartered in Palo Alto, CA

99Pledges LLC
555 Bryant Street, Suite 400
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 241-2800


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