How to hold a Hit-a-thon

Holding a Hit-a-thon Fundraiser is a fun and simple way to raise money for your league or team. Players raise money by asking friends and family to donate per foot or hit.

Keep it Simple with 99Pledges

  • Each player gets an online pledge page
  • They get online pledges per hit or foot
  • Each player gets 10 pitches at practice
  • Enter the # of hits, we bill the credit cards, and send you a check

Championship Hit-a-Thon

You have a 2–3 week fundraising period. The player from each team that raises the most money (or every player that raises a certain amount), gets to hit in a Championship Hit-a-Thon on Opening Day for a chance at prizes. Base qualification in the Championship on funds raised and the winner of the Championship on skill. This format creates a tremendous amount of buzz for your hit-a-thon. See an example at


Players earn raffle tickets for each milestone they hit throughout the campaign to win a cool prize. Here are some ways that a player might earn a raffle ticket:

  • For having at least one donation (great way to get every parent to make a donation)
  • For every $25 in donations
  • For having a donation on the first day of practice or some other date
  • For having two donations by Opening Day
  • For emailing 10 friends (honor system)


Don’t just offer prizes to the kids who raise the most as it discourages the players who can’t catch up. Here are some reasons to offer various prizes that drive more engagement:

  • Every team with 100% participation (at least one donation) receives an ice cream or pizza party at practice.
  • The team that raises the most money.
  • Every player with at least $100 in donations
  • If your league reaches its fundraising goal the President will sing a song or wear a certain jersey.
  • Teams that raise a certain amount don’t have as much snack duty.


The keys to a successful hit-a-thon are to be in regular communication with your parents and to motivate everyone to get involved even if it means a parent makes a donation themselves.

Want to see an example?

Email for more information and a sample campaign for your league or team.