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About this fundraiser:

Fairhill Fitness week is a week long event where, along with the Fairhill PTA, teachers and students will participate in a series of high energy activities designed to educate students about the benefits of remaining healthy. The program is not about winning and losing. It’s about working hard, pushing yourself through the activities to get stronger! But most of all, Fairhill Fiitness Week is about having LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!!! Go Tigers!!!

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Fairhill Playground Redesign
  • Classroom Projector Procurement

Group Standings

Ms. Campbell - 5th Grade
Ms. Laws - 1st Grade
Ms. Swanson - 6th Grade
Ms. Doherty - Kindergarten
Ms. Majewski - 3rd Grade
Goal: $50,000

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Top Donations

Meissa’s Parents

Well done Meissa!

Prema & Rohit Modak

Congratulatin Dorothy You meet your goal! Go for Tiger!

Thanh Do

Enjoy the great week! Mommy and Daddy Love You!

Cuong Ngo