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About this fundraiser:

This Listen-A-Thon is the first ever student-led fundraiser for Little Opera's after-school program. Led by student advisory board members Solveig and Danah, students are raising money for Little Opera costume building days, set/prop days, and guest artists.

What's Little Opera?
At Little Opera, we make opera with kids. Our students work together for over 130 hours over the course of 9 months to write a story, craft a libretto, compose melodies, rehearse, and perform a 10-20 minute show. The result? A micro opera that is 100% built from their own imaginations.

What's a Listen-A-Thon?
It’s a lot like a school read-a-thon, but instead of reading for a certain number of minutes, our students will be listening to (or watching) as much of Wagner’s 15-hour epic Ring Cycle as they can.

What’s The Ring Cycle?
Pretty much the most epic opera ever written — a cycle of 4 operas written in German by composer Richard Wagner. It took him twenty-six years to write, and totals 15 hours long.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Little Opera Guest Artists
  • Costume Building Day
  • Set & Prop Building Day

All participants:

$1,035 raised
of $1,500 goal
    Goal: $1,500

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