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About this fundraiser:

Niles Adventist School is a Christian school where student learning thrives and children feel good about the place they call their school. We believe that this is because of the incredible students that attend our school, the awesome staff who believe that relationships with students are key to optimal learning, and more importantly, the incredible support of our families. Your support for our school is truly appreciated. Please know that no amount is too small.

Project Goal & Purpose: To provide bicycles to pastors, various educators, and service workers in Ukraine. They need assistance with transportation because their average salary is $100-$200 per month; they typically minister to three churches in a fifty kilometer radius; personal visits are more necessary because phones aren’t common; public transportation doesn’t go when and everywhere needed; and biking is three times faster than walking. Bicycles are made in the Ukraine to assist the local economy as much as possible. ~ Doug Fattic, Director

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Bikes for pastors in Ukraine

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Goal: $1,500

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Grammee & Grandpee Homenchuk

We are glad you are ride for the Ukrainian pastors so they can better minister with the bicycles xo


Have fun riding!!!

Sarah Lowry

You Go Girl!!


God will bless you as you ride for His glory!