Hit-a-thon fundraisers

Hit-a-thons are great for baseball and softball teams. Players accept pledges for each foot the ball is hit or the number of hits out of a fixed number of pitches. Hit-a-thon events can be tied to Opening Day activities or a team picnic. It's a fun way for parents to meet while raising money for the league.

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Hit-a-thon fundraisers

Why hold a hit-a-thon using 99Pledges?

It's Simple

We make hit-a-thons as simple as holding a drill at practice. We track everything and simply send you a big fat check at the end of your event. No more tracking donations or handling checks.

It's Effective

We've seen individual players raise over $500 simply by sharing their fundraising page with friends and family.

How simple is it?

1. Each player gets their own fundraising page to collect pledges from family and friends.
2. Players let their bats do the talking.
3. Enter the results, and 99Pledges sends you a big fat check.