Spell-a-thon fundraisers

Spell-a-thons are a super easy way to raise a lot of money for your school by simply giving a spelling test. Students are given a list of spelling words. Then, they collect pledges online from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends. Sponsors can pledge an amount per word spelled correctly or a flat amount for the whole spelling test.

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Spell-a-thon fundraisers

Why hold a spell-a-thon using 99Pledges?

It's Simple

We make spell-a-thons as simple as giving a spelling test. No more dealing with cookie dough, wrapping paper or the hassles of other fundraisers.

It's Effective

We've seen schools raise as much as $50,000. Students learn and schools win.

How simple is it?

1. Each student gets their own fundraising page to collect pledges from family and friends.
2. Students study a list of words and take a test.
3. Enter the results, and 99Pledges will send you a big fat check.