Walk-a-thon fundraisers

Walk-a-thons are a great way to raise money for a great cause, get some exercise, and foster friendships and community spirit within your school. Also known as a charity walk, walking marathon or sponsored walk, it's a great fundraiser where students raise money by collecting pledges based on how far they walk.

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Walk-a-thon fundraisers

Why use 99Pledges for your next Walk-a-thon?

Raise More Money

Students accept pledges online and raise more money. Typically, schools using 99Pledges raise over twice the funds as paper-based fundraisers.??

Simplify Your Life

We can virtually eliminate the administrative burden of managing your walk-a-thon. No more tracking donations, following up with participants or handling checks. We track everything and simply send you a big check at the end.

How it works

1. Create
We automatically create personalized fundraising pages for each student.
2. Share
Students can share their page by email, Facebook and Twitter, resulting in more donations.
3. Collect
Simply enter the walk-a-thon results, and 99Pledges will automatically collect funds based on the per mile or per lap donation commitments made by sponsors..
4. Track
Our system will track everything and allow you to view the progress on your campaign dashboard. When the walk-a-thon is completed, we send you a big check and a detailed donation report for your records.