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Sophia Esposito
Team Aland

Dear Friends and Family,

On Friday March 18, 2016 I will be running, flexing my muscles, and showing off my endurance during Huntley Hills’ “Fueled By Fitness” fund raising event.

This PTA and HHES Foundation co-sponsored event raises money for me, my classmates, and our school. With my physical activity and your financial support, our teachers will be able to get the additional training they need to enhance the learning experience of myself and my fellow students.

Additionally, by supporting me, the school we all share will be able to add improvements; at the top of this list are much needed enhancements to our library.

I am going to run faster and jump higher than I ever have before! I would appreciate it (and so would my 540 schoolmates) if you could help support me.

A $25 pledge will help us reach our goals.

I hope you can help by sponsoring me!

About this fundraiser:

Huntley Hills Elementary and Montessori School is a place where student learning thrives and children are proud of the place they call their school. With the help and drive of Coach Spaulding we have created "Fueled by Fitness", a school wide fund raising event where every child runs to raise money that benefits the entire school. The monies being raised will be used toward finishing the teacher lounge and helping remodel the library. Lastly there are continuing education courses that our teachers’ need to keep up with today’s fast paced technology and higher standards. With budget cuts, it’s necessary more than ever for the PTA and HHES Foundation to raise money for our children and the school. We believe you can help us make this event a great success, and help our children feel a sense of accomplishment as they work to better their own school. We could not engage in the wonderful opportunities for our students without your monetary support. Please know that no amount is too small.

This school year, Huntley Hills Elementary and Montessori School has 540 students enrolled. We have 56 teachers and a total of 93 on staff. If each family contributes a $25 tax deductible gift per student we can raise enough to afford us the opportunity to continue to supply the items and training necessary for our children’s education. Our goal is to raise $13,000 with a stretch goal of $15,000. Any amount you feel comfortable giving toward that effort will be greatly appreciated.

Your ongoing support is truly appreciated. Thank you for helping make a difference in hundreds of lives—including the one’s closest to your heart.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Teacher Training
  • Enhancing the library
  • Continue updating teachers' lounge/school improvements

All participants:

$11,425 raised
of $13,000 goal
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    Sophia's Goal: $100

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    Top Donations

    Omar Esposito

    Thank you for everyone's support!

    Daniela Diaz

    From your cousin, enjoy the run.


    Good Luck from Your Uncle Art

    Bryan Jones

    My honor to support!!!