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Mason M.

Dear Friends and Family,

I plan on riding* on behalf of the Sacramento, Woodside SDA Pathfinder Club at this year's NCC Pathfinder Bike-a-thon. This event raises money for me, my club and my conference, allowing for all sorts of crafts, camping and activities such as mission projects and International Camporees.

If you're willing and able to support us it would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance for your support!

*Except those in the "Slackers (Non-rider)" group who are participating in another way such as tallying laps, providing transportation or supervision.

About this fundraiser:

The Sacramento, Woodside SDA Pathfinder Club, as part of the NCC & worldwide Pathfinders organization represents a group of young people committed to personal and spiritual growth, focused on community service, and determined to properly care for each other and our environment.

This one-day riding event, combines the following goals:

1. To raise funds for the local club, conference and their programs, including: club & conference expenses, supplies, and activities like next year's International Camporee and Mission Projects.

2. To provide a safe place to complete the 50 mile cycling honor requirement.

All participants:

$2,524 raised
of $9,200 goal
    Mason's Goal: $500
    (Estimate based on completing 4 miles)

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