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Dear Family & Friends,

Thank you for visiting my donation page. I am participating in my lacrosse team's annual Shoot-A-Thon to raise money for new training equipment & sticks & new goalie gear.

Will you please help me? All you have to do is click on the blue "Donate" button and pledge a specific dollar amount (or) agree to pay an amount for every goal I make. (for example, if you pledge $10/shot & I make 7 shots = $70 donation)

During our annual Steelhead Day on Saturday March 23rd @ Montgomery High I will be racing against the shot clock to try to make 10 challenging lacrosse shots. The more shots I make, the more our Club earns from your generous donations!

Thank you for your support & encouragement!

About this fundraiser:

NEW INFORMATION!!! We need everyone to get involved in our fundraiser this year! The TOP FUNDRAISERS will win a new Steelhead custom designed Cascade helmet (shown above) or other cool new lacrosse gear. The player with the most goals for his/her team will win the team "shark hat". This year any "skillet shot" wins a prize too! Lots of fun & prizes. Time to raise some funds for Steelhead Lacrosse!

NEEDED RIGHT NOW: Forward this email to your friends & family asking for their financial support. The donor can make a specific dollar donation (or) pledge a specific amount for every shot you make. (Example: $10 pledged / 8 shots made = $80 donation) Everything is processed through the donors credit card.

THE DETAILS: On Steelhead Day on March 23rd every team must come to the Shoot-a-Thon booth together. Every player gets 10 shots before the shot clock expires. Hitting the skillet earns double points and the yellow ball is worth 3 points! Plus we will have a radar gun on site tracking how fast you shoot!

Your donations will help pay for:

  • New lacrosse goalie gear
  • New lacrosse equipment & sticks
  • New field equipment & supplies

All participants:

$7,345 raised
of $5,000 goal
    Caden's Goal: $100
    (Estimate based on completing 7 goals)

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    Top Donations

    Cristy Stanley

    Grandma Tammy says..."love you and GO GET EM!"

    Kristina Haley

    Keep it up Caden!!!

    Alex MacLean

    All out, all the time


    Have Fun Cadmeister

    Cristy Stanley

    Have Fun..Play Hard!