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Dear Friends and Family,

I am gearing up to read more than ever with the Burroughs PTO's encouragement, as I try in return to support them. Our PTO is only five years old and has already accomplished so much to help our school.

I would appreciate it (and so would my 280 schoolmates) if you could please help support me support them.

Questions? email:

Thank you in advance!

About this fundraiser:

Donations are tax deductible: the PTO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. You will receive our federal tax ID in a receipt (via email) upon donation.

John Burroughs Elementary School is a Title 1 neighborhood school in Ward 5, located at the cusp of the Brookland and Woodridge communities in Washington, DC, serving PK3 through 5th grade. It is the only Established Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) -focused school in DCPS, recognized by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, among only 4 other STEM elementary schools.

JBES fosters curiosity through exploratory projects and hands-on learning. We integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into a rigorous and collaborative learning environment to develop solutions in our community and beyond. Our goal is to make each student's experience exceptional.

The mission of John Burroughs Elementary Parent Teacher Organization is
a. To bring together the home and the school so that parents and teachers, school administrators and the community may cooperate mutually in the education and enrichment of our children.
b. To develop closer connections between school and home by engaging parent involvement.
c. To encourage communication between parents, teachers and school administration.
d. To provide those resources to the school that are not provided or not provided sufficiently for in the school budget and are deemed necessary or desirable by the staff for the support and education of the children at John Burroughs Elementary.
e. To promote the school motto, “It's always a wonderful day for teaching and learning at John Burroughs.”

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Teacher & Staff Resource Requests
  • Family Engagement & Support
  • Student Rewards (e.g. Science Fair, STEM Fair)
  • School Beautification (e.g. Garden Clean-Up)
  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation
  • Goal: supporting more academic programming
  • Goal: supporting more enrichment programming

All participants:

$6,337 raised
of $8,000 goal
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    Grayson's Goal: $100
    (Estimate based on completing 400 minutes)

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    Top Donations

    Tiffany Cooper

    Mommy and daddy love you son! Keep striving to be your best and we will always be behind you.

    Jerry T. Cooper

    Gray, We (Mom, Ashton & Dad) are proud of you! Keep reading and growing. Reading is your foundation

    Lawrence Gemelle Cousar

    Uncle Mel and the Family Love you. Always do the right thing and obey your Father and Mother.

    Carol Hyman

    Aunt Carolyn loves you Grayson. Read more, read, read.

    Carol Hyman

    Grandma Bettie, Larry and Naomi said, when you read more you learn more. Love your family.