How to Engage Fraternity and Sorority Members in Fundraising

While your fraternity or sorority might have fundraising chairs in charge of your philanthropic efforts, your campaigns should be a full team effort. Your fundraisers thrive off of spreading awareness, so having strength in numbers helps you reach new audiences. Plus, engaging your chapter members in fundraising activities while they’re students makes them more likely […]

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Snap! Raise Alternatives: 6 Top Online Fundraising Providers

Learn more about six team fundraising providers you can use in place of Snap! Raise.

As a parent or coach of youth involved in sports teams, the performing arts, or another extracurricular group, you understand the need to fundraise. The arts are often critically underfunded by schools, and participating in sports teams can be expensive, particularly when you consider travel and equipment costs. It can be extremely difficult for schools to […]

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