Uncertain Times: 3 Tips for a Flexible Classroom

Flexible classroom policies and course materials are particularly important in uncertain times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a host of unforeseen challenges for all industries. For many, our homes have become our entire worlds—replacing our offices, restaurants, gyms, and yes, our schools. Education has already been one of the most impacted areas of society, and the effects of the pandemic aren’t disappearing anytime soon.Back in March, students […]

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35+ Best Sports Fundraising Ideas to Raise More in 2020

Check out our top sports fundraising ideas.

Athletics programs cost money— whether that’s for a school-wide sports team or a league run by a local community center. Between uniforms and equipment, travel costs, or tournament fees, the expenses are sure to add up fairly quickly. If you’re an athlete, parent, coach, or athletic director, you likely already know this!  You want your […]

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30+ Simple (& Effective) Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Check out these top fundraising ideas for kids.

If there’s one thing that people working with children know– kids programming is expensive! Whether you’re working with a school, a local sports team, or club, the expenses add up. Unfortunately, children’s programming is also frequently underfunded. So it often falls to you to raise the extra funds needed to cover educational materials, snack times, […]

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35+ Best School Fundraising Ideas to Raise More in 2021

As an educational professional, you know that well-educated children create a promising future. Giving each student equal opportunity to thrive as they grow is essential, and that starts with a great education! However, you probably are also aware that providing this education, and supplementary opportunities, is expensive. And, schools are unfortunately underfunded! That means it’s […]

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