35+ Simple and Effective Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Explore this list of simple, effective fundraising ideas for kids that your program can use to raise money.

Kids’ programming can be expensive, and, unfortunately, often underfunded. Whether you’re working with a school, a local sports team, or a club, the expenses add up. Because these programs can lack funding, it often falls to program leaders like you to raise the extra money needed. At 99Pledges, we specialize in fundraising ideas for kids involved […]

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Donation eCards: The Basics and How They Impact Nonprofits

The article’s title, “Donation eCards: The Basics and How They Impact Nonprofits,” alongside a woman sitting with her laptop.

Schools run a lot of fundraisers and therefore need a lot of fundraising ideas. Experimenting with new fundraisers gives your school the chance to stumble upon one that resonates with your community and brings in vital revenue, not to mention that regularly changing up fundraisers can pique students’ interest and motivate them to get involved. However, […]

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55+ Genius School Fundraising Ideas: Shatter Your 2024 Goals

Raise more funds in the coming year with our favorite school fundraising ideas.

As a teacher, counselor, or school administrator, you know it’s often up to you to raise the needed funds for the students at your school. Here at 99Pledges, we’ve seen the pressure this can put on educational professionals and have pulled together a list of fundraising ideas that work in conjunction with our fundraising software to […]

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35+ Best Sports Fundraising Ideas to Help You Raise More

Check out our top sports fundraising ideas.

Organizing and participating in athletics programs can be pricey— whether that’s for a school-wide sports team or a league run by a local community center. Between uniforms and equipment, travel costs, or tournament fees, the expenses are sure to add up fairly quickly. If you’re an athlete, parent, coach, or athletic director, you likely already know this!  […]

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Everything You Need to Start a Read-a-Thon Fundraiser

Explore how to start your own read-a-thon fundraising campaign with the steps in this guide.

As a teacher, school administrator, parent, PTA member, or librarian, you’re likely all too familiar with the need for fundraising. Schools often rely on fundraising to purchase classroom supplies, provide learning materials, and organize field trips. Raising money through fundraising can reduce the financial burden on teachers and parents to fill in the gaps in funding. […]

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How to Engage Fraternity and Sorority Members in Fundraising

While your fraternity or sorority might have fundraising chairs in charge of your philanthropic efforts, your campaigns should be a full team effort. Your fundraisers thrive off of spreading awareness, so having strength in numbers helps you reach new audiences. Plus, engaging your chapter members in fundraising activities while they’re students makes them more likely […]

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5 Pet Fundraising Ideas to Add Charity to Your Pet Business

As a seasoned pet-care business professional, most of your time is dedicated to keeping pets safe, comfortable, clean, and content. Hopefully, your days are filled with wagging tails, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re providing essential care to so many furry friends. But what about the pets who aren’t in your care? According […]

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