55+ Genius School Fundraising Ideas: Shatter Your 2024 Goals

Raise more funds in the coming year with our favorite school fundraising ideas.

As a teacher, counselor, or school administrator, you know it’s often up to you to raise the needed funds for the students at your school. Here at 99Pledges, we’ve seen the pressure this can put on educational professionals and have pulled together a list of fundraising ideas that work in conjunction with our fundraising software to […]

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Snap! Raise Alternatives: 6 Top Online Fundraising Providers

Learn more about six team fundraising providers you can use in place of Snap! Raise.

As a parent or coach of youth involved in sports teams, the performing arts, or another extracurricular group, you understand the need to fundraise. The arts are often critically underfunded by schools, and participating in sports teams can be expensive, particularly when you consider travel and equipment costs. It can be extremely difficult for schools to […]

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35+ Simple and Effective Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Check out these top fundraising ideas for kids.

Kids’ programming can be expensive, and, unfortunately, often underfunded. Whether you’re working with a school, a local sports team, or a club, the expenses add up. Because these programs can lack funding, it often falls to program leaders like you to raise the extra money needed to cover educational materials, snack times, craft materials… the […]

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Planning a Walk-a-Thon Fundraiser: Your Questions Answered

We're answering your biggest questions about planning a walk-a-thon fundraiser.

If your organization is searching for a fundraiser that’s both easy to set up and super effective, look no further than a walk-a-thon! If you haven’t participated in one yourself, you’ve almost certainly heard of these fun events in which participants gather donations for a good cause based on the distance they agree to walk. […]

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7 Virtual and Hybrid School Fundraisers to Try This Year

The new school year is underway, and schools have been faced with the challenge of fundraising while remaining socially distanced or operating at reduced capacity. Fortunately, the past year and a half led to rapid fundraising innovation, and schools now have a variety of virtual and hybrid fundraisers to try out. Additionally, even schools that […]

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