Snap! Raise Alternatives: 6 Top Online Fundraising Providers

Learn more about six team fundraising providers you can use in place of Snap! Raise.

As a parent or coach of youth involved in sports teams, the performing arts, or another extracurricular group, you understand the need to fundraise. The arts are often critically underfunded by schools, and participating in sports teams can be expensive, particularly when you consider travel and equipment costs. It can be extremely difficult for schools to […]

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45+ Best School Fundraising Ideas to Raise More in 2023

Raise more funds in the coming year with our 48 best school fundraising ideas.

As an educational professional, you know that well-educated children create a promising future. Giving each student equal opportunity to thrive as they grow is essential, and that starts with a great education! However, you probably are also aware that providing this education, and supplementary opportunities, is expensive. And, schools are unfortunately underfunded! That means it’s […]

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7 Virtual and Hybrid School Fundraisers to Try This Year

The new school year is underway, and schools have been faced with the challenge of fundraising while remaining socially distanced or operating at reduced capacity. Fortunately, the past year and a half led to rapid fundraising innovation, and schools now have a variety of virtual and hybrid fundraisers to try out. Additionally, even schools that […]

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10+ of Our Most Effective Booster Club Fundraisers

Explore our favorite booster club fundraising ideas!

As a member of your school’s booster club, you’re invested in making sure the students in your community have access to extracurricular activities and resources that can enhance their education. And a crucial part of providing those extracurricular activities is being able to pay for them. That’s where booster club fundraisers come in. Here at […]

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