35+ Best Sports Fundraising Ideas to Help You Raise More

Check out our top sports fundraising ideas.

Organizing and participating in athletics programs can be pricey— whether that’s for a school-wide sports team or a league run by a local community center. Between uniforms and equipment, travel costs, or tournament fees, the expenses are sure to add up fairly quickly. If you’re an athlete, parent, coach, or athletic director, you likely already know this!  […]

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45+ Best School Fundraising Ideas to Raise More in 2023

Raise more funds in the coming year with our 48 best school fundraising ideas.

As a teacher, counselor, or school administrator, you know it’s often up to you to raise the needed funds for the students at your school. Here at 99Pledges, we’ve seen the pressure this can put on educational professionals and have pulled together a list of fundraising ideas that work in conjunction with our fundraising software to […]

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